Straight Talk with the Head-hunter

03 July 2015 - Shaun Carpenter

It’s not easy when you’re receiving the bad news that someone else was chosen for the career role you had your heart set on, but remember, at the onset there can often be 50+ candidates all shooting it out. If you’ve applied to a position that was advertised and you were not selected for an initial ‘qualifying call’ on the phone or a face-to-face interview with the search firm handling the assignment, you shouldn’t expect to receive the feedback described below as the volume of candidates will usually make this request unreasonable to expect.

How to Make the Most of an Interview

03 July 2015 - Shaun Carpenter

Being interviewed? Here are 7 tips for your next big one.

How to Handle Interest in Various Roles

03 July 2015 - Shaun Carpenter

The “Bird in the Hand” scenario is a pretty common situation for a job hunter, especially if you’re highly qualified within your field and in between roles. No two hiring processes move at the same speed and often you’ll want to see things through before withdrawing after one offer comes your way…especially if the other opportunity is of greater interest. Ideally, you’d like to meet all the key stakeholders including potential supervisors, colleagues, and staff for each position, understand the business goals and future objectives of the organizations, get a clear sense of chances for progression, and then be able to compare offers, allowing you to select the role which fits best. The odds of this all working out are actually greater than you’d expect.

Decision Fatigue – Ensuring you make the best choice

03 July 2015 - Allison Rzen

The average executive is making dozens of decisions a day. Some decisions come more easily, with the presentation of solid facts, data and concrete implications associated with the decision being made. Others are a lot more tied to your “gut”, like hiring a new leader on your team. You can have all the data points in the world, but at the end of the day you need to listen to that voice at the back of your head telling you if the fit is right or not.

12 Steps to a Successful Search

03 July 2015 - BoardWalk Consulting

Considering a search for a new CEO or Executive Director? In response to many requests, BoardWalk Consulting has prepared a template to guide you through the 12 Steps to a Successful Search.